Gluten free

Well, I’ve narrowed down my allergy to gluten sensitivity. Although I can eat some gluten without adverse effects, it’s better off that I avoid it completely. I haven’t had a biopsy confirmation, but eliminating it from my diet seems to have abolished the symptoms I was suffering.

Anyways, I was feigning for some of Dennys new fluffy buttermilk pancakes and decided to try to make my own.  I bought some gluten free flour from Superstore by “Robin Hood” . I’ve tried gluten free flour (1 for 1 mix) from bulk barn but it wasn’t to my liking. It just didn’t seem to bake up very well (in cookies) and it was kinda expensive at approximately $1/100gm. I don’t think I would have cared about the price as much if it had performed well. Superstore sells the flour at $5.99/907gm or about $0.66/100gm.


So I followed the recipe here.  Turned out pretty decent.  Note that the flour package does say it’s not to be used for “light” cakes such as angel or chiffon.

Look at the rise
Look at the rise

The pancakes turned out pretty good. I didn’t have vinegar so I added some lime juice (LOL) and also added some vanilla extract and cinnamon. You know how it is, adjust the tastes to your own palate.

I’d make these again in a heart beat and they are yummy when cold, too. Looking forward to baking again with this flour and see how it performs. Might try to make a pizza dough out of it but I’m pretty content with my oatmeal flour pizza dough as is.