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Casio GW-M5610

In regards to my previous post, I think I must have deleted the picture LOL. Oh well, it’s not a big deal as you’ll get to see my Timex Ironman again here, except only in the blue scheme.

The point of this post is that I recently (after 2 months of deliberating) decided to jump on the Casio G-Shock train. Did I need another watch? No. Did I want one? Well, kinda. Does it matter? No. My previous experience with G-Shocks (which is none) was based on the fact that they were often big (not in the good way), bulky, busy (useless) dials, and incredibly small LCD face. I hate them. They didn’t make sense to me as a watch. I want to be able to see the numbers and tell the time ASAP. I don’t want to try to find digital Waldo on my wrist. Anyway, here’s Waldo on my wrist.

There are a billion other reviews online/Youtube about how great this watch is. And you know what? It looks pretty good. I was drawn to this watch because it is one of the slimmest and light weight G-Shocks with atomic time keeping and solar power. I wanted a very utilitarian watch. Did I care it was shock-resistant? Nah, my Timex takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

Is this watch worth it’s salt? Yes and no. First, it does look good, if not a bit cartoonish. It has grown on me for the several hours that I have been watching it.  The buttons are harder to press than my Timex, which is a given and something I already researched. I find my Timex does get accidental button presses quite easily. I really don’t mind this either way but I probably won’t be using the Casio during my runs or anything where a quick button press is needed. Oh, when I say the Casio is harder to press, I mean the buttons are smaller and it requires much more force; I’ll need to use my finger nail to depress the buttons successfully. This would be a big problem when you’re wearing gloves and running/cycling/outdoor activities that you want timed.

Auto EL vs Timex FLIX

This one is a bit of a wash. I find I have to flick my wrist pretty damn hard to get FLIX to turn on. The Auto EL doesn’t require such a flick, but is not consistent in its function (doesn’t work 100% of the time when I put my wrist at the “reading” plane). FLIX is also annoying in the sense that you are required to turn it on to use it. I believe it stays on for 3 or 6 hours before automatically turning off to save batteries. Auto EL is on permanently unless you option it to be off. On thing many people mention is that when FLIX is turned on, button presses to change modes will also activate the light. Auto EL won’t do that.


Holy fuck. Where do I start. Casio dropped the ball on this one. You’ll see reviews on Youtube comparing the 5600C or whatever the fuck basic-bitch watch is the little brother of the 5610 saying the LCD of 5610 has greater viewing angles. If that is the case, don’t even bother looking at the basic 5600 watches. I’m used to excellent view angles of my Timex and I am thoroughly disappointed with the Casio. Here’s a picture of the piece of shit in action.

Look at the glare.
Watches on wrist which is resting on my table.

What a piece of shit. If the more expensive G-Shocks have the same issue (which I’m 110% sure they do) then some people are totally getting duped. I get that they have the triple-sensor stuff but why can you not make a LCD like Timex. Clear, crispy quality with amazing viewing angles.

If you’re reading this (or a die hard G-Shock fan), you’re probably thinking to yourself “who the fuck looks at their watch from that angle?” or “turn your wrist you lazy piece of shit”. Hey, guess what? Fuck you. Buy a Timex and check out the viewing angles then cash me outsside, how bou dah? Think about it. You’ve been in that awkward situation where you want to check the time because the person you’re talking to has the breath of crackhead but unfortunately he’s also your boss’ boss. You want to take an inconspicuous glance at your watch because you have a dentist appointment you wouldn’t mind arriving early to (the one time in your life) to save yourself the pain of ingrown hairs in your nose as your body subtly says”fuck this guys breath and where it came from” and tells the nose hairs to retreat.

Seriously, the screen is the most disappointing part of this watch. I wasn’t expecting it to be that bad. It’s the reason I’m contemplating on returning the watch. I want the solar, I want the atomic and I don’t mind the look but the LCD is abysmal. For a watch company that has been in business since the 1970’s and touting that they have all the latest and greatest technology, this is unacceptable. If Timex made something on the same scale, I’d totally be there in a heart beat. It would probably also cost less than the Casio.

Realistically, I’ll just end up keeping the watch because I’m probably too lazy to do the RMA process.


Update: Sent this piece of shit back to where it came from. Just couldn’t stand the shitty LCD. Just terrible. Watch also was not able to grab a atomic sync signal on the west coast of BC. Oh well.