Monthly Archives: February 2017


Ah, old faithful.  So faithful I bought a second (blue one) to replace the black one since it rain out of battery and the strap had given up on me. I already replaced the battery on it once or twice. I couldn’t find an OE or aftermarket band so I decided to buy a blue one.

Now the blue one has had at least one battery change ( that I can remember) and I bought a new strap for it today from Sears. The CS person said they probably won’t carry this strap anymore; that leaves me with contacting TIMEX directly when this strap dies in about ~2 years or so.

I bought one of those Ironman velcro nylon straps that fit 18-22mm lugs but I didn’t really like it.  It actually works OK for what it is, kinda convenient but the problem for me was that the velcro tab that the end would eat my shirt cuffs.  They were work shirts so not a huge deal, however, the nylon also soaked up the water and it was irritating/annoying to wait for it to dry when I’m working in wet weather and go in to dry off. So with that being said, back to a rubber strap I go. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to nylon unless it’s for a watch that I won’t be exposing to the elements.

The black one had been in storage for some time. It appears the gasket swelled up or something so I think the watch is gonna be kaput. It’s going to only be good for the module or case if I want to transplant the blue module over. We’ll see. The blue one is my work horse now and the screen will eventually have seen better days.