Monthly Archives: July 2013

Good Ride

Haven’t updated in a bit.  Been busy with life, I suppose.  Feeling better as a rider, definitely a marked improvement compared to last year.  On one of my recent rides with bcrdukes, we were able to push each other and both of us averaged 32km/h on the Iona stretch going into the headwind.  T’was a good ride. Need more riding buddies.

Went for a nice ride with bcrdukes and Greddie and did the Spanish Banks hill climb for the first time. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, unfortunately my GPS decided to crap out on my ride and it tracked a different path such that I couldn’t measure the segment on Strava (FML).  No worries though, I’m down to tackle that muthafucka again soon enough, perhaps this upcoming weekend with a few other buddies.

Life has been okay. Better than before in some aspects and not really any worse, unless you count my apathy to going to the gym.  Need to stop lying to myself and actually just go, sigh.


Here’s some chill ass music for your enjoyment.