Monthly Archives: May 2013

Not a Bad Ride

Took a new route today, went up to SFU and then tried to find the Trans-Canada Trail. I couldn’t find too much information on it but one (old) website indicated that most of it was paved. Turns out most of it is actually gravel, much like I had suspected. Nope, wasn’t gonna take my road bike on that trail.

SFU turned out to be a decent climb, I knew i felt faster I just wasn’t sure how much faster I was (it was about 1min faster than before). I wish I went all the way to the top but I chickened out, sigh. After the failure of the Trans-Canada Trail, I ended up doing the Portside Bike Route which is not too bad and definitely a nice change of scenery. My average speed for this ride certainly dwindled down towards the end as it was more of a exploratory trip and I was pretty tired by the end of it. I’m going go try to do SFU a few more times and hopefully tackle Seymour, Cypress, or Grouse (again).

Portside Bike Route
Olympic Village
Burnaby Lake Rowing Pavillion