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Swing low, sweet chariot.

Went on a ride with some Bros this Sunday. It was a good ride, got some good tips. My legs were burning after this ride.

After grabbing some tips in regards to maintaining a high cadence to train the pedal stroke and elongate my riding time (less fatigue), I went on a solo ride out Iona, my nemesis.  Today’s wind was especially strong going into Iona, I thought I was going at a snail’s pace but it turns out I was doing around 20km/h all the way in.  Coming back was a breeze, all tail wind and I did something like 30km/h.  The cadence training is super fun, definitely less tiring but at the same time requiring a lot of mental focus.  Can’t wait to ride again but these coming days are nothing but wet.

Beautiful Iona


$414 Later….

…picked up these babies on Valentine’s Day.

Sky Blue Fast Jackets with Photochromic Iridium Black and Postive Red
My collection.

Can’t wait to give the Fast Jacket’s a spin tomorrow morning on a ride to UBC.  I’m a bit disappointed in the looseness of the arm mechanism, I will probably send them in for tightening.

Good old Grumpy Cat

In other news, I can’t stop listening to this:


So I made some today.

The Beginning.
The Middle.
The End.

The damn bacon was too salty so I just threw it away. It’s great for keeping the meatloaf moist and flavourful.  I used to hate meatloaf because it was always dry (cafeteria food) but now I’m okay with it.  This is the recipe that I used but I skipped out on the bread crumbs.  Who needs more carbs? Not I.

Okay, sure.

Mother fucker.

Only 448 calories burned. Decided to challenge myself a bit today and do the Rupert St. hill from Grandview Hwy all the way until Kingsway. I did it, albeit slowly and both my calves ended up cramping by the time I reached Kingsway. I guess I can blame it on poor nutrition/preparation as I didn’t have much to eat for lunch and nothing for breakfast. Feels good to do the climb although I think I can certainly do much, much better for time. 32mins will be the time to be the next time I ride to work.

This is my post-workout meal:

MAMA is is the shit.

Added some greens, poached egg, roast pork, and shrimp balls.

Sweet Jesus Lord have mercy….

Good Ride, Bad Ride

Today, God giveth and did not taketh.  Am I grateful? Maybe if he gave me $1 million.  All he did was give me sunshine on my day off so I’m on the happier side of indifferent.  It was a great ride to UBC, didn’t bonk or anything and did a real climb up W10th.  I almost wanted to turn back once I got the VGH but there’s something to be said about people with perseverance, I suppose.

At UBC bike lockers(?) by the SUB.

Coming back, I decided to take a detour to Olympic Village as I had never been there before.  It’s a pretty neat place, looks very futuristic and I definitely want to check it out again when the weather is warmer and bitches in short-shorts are a-plenty.  That being said, there was a hot brunette that was stretching by the dock as I was leaving.  I’m not sure if she was checking out my sick get-up, my sexy muscles, my hot looks, or the fact I was cycling in the pedestrian lane, LOL.  She looked angry so I can only guess she is a NIMBY type.  I wasn’t even going full blast, I had one foot clipped in and was pushing off the ground with my other foot.  Bitch, I need to cross the pedestrian lane before I can get to the cycling lane.

Ahhh, beautiful Vancouver.

Cycling usually gets my mind off most things but today not so much.  For the most part I had escaped reality during my 2hr ride, but random thoughts decided to stick their dicks in my brain.  Anyways, hopefully better things are to come (hah, pun intended).  Need to do more hill climbs and just ride more in general to condition myself better. Also, note to self: do not eat dimsum before riding.


Le Sigh.

A song courtesy of bcrdukes:

Walking down the street and I wanna kill everyone I see
How come I don’t like anyone that I meet?
And despite my antipathy I am longing to be someone better

In my heart is a violence that I cannot dispel
I’ve lost my mind, I’m losing you, it’s just as well

I’m gonna throw on these old jeans, I’m gonna head out on the streets
I’m gonna dream up a new dream, I’m gonna dance to a brand new beat
I’m gonna find a new desire then I’m gonna set this town on fire

I’m wearing a smile and it’s fake but right now it has to be
Cause I know that love is the only thing that’s gonna save me

I’m gonna try


Ah, was finally able to go for a decent bike ride.  Took the bike to work and rode home all the way, stopping briefly to meet with a bcrdukes.  I absolutely destroyed my legs and I cannot wait to get back into shape so that climb hills feels like chump change.  I wish Vancouver was not a city with so many seasons.  Well anyways, here are my stats and a related song.