Monthly Archives: December 2012

Danny and Elisa’s Wedding

This is probably the best and most meaningful wedding I’ve been to.  It helps that I’m good friends with these two wonderful human beings. I’m happy the world didn’t end itself on the 21st so that I was able to experience exotic happiness that this event brought about.  It was a long and tiring day, but probably more so for the groom, bride, and wedding party.  When the party dispersed on the evening of the 23rd, I’m sure a part of me died inside.  What do I look forward to now?

I’m grateful to have been invited to and participate in the matrimony of this couple.


Elisa ♥ Danny { SDE } from Love Story Media on Vimeo.


Do you know how to be smart? It’s not what you say but it’s the questions you ask and obviously the manner in which you ask them.


Food for thought for the certain people in my life who are stuck in an infinite loop of ignorance and stupidity.




Scored me a set of Castelli Velocissimo Bibshorts from MEC for $65 while I was returning those shitty Castelli leg warmers. Well, maybe they aren’t shitty but they’re just not well suited to Vancouver weather. I’m sure they’d work great never for what we are exposed to here.

These bibshorts are SUPERDUPER comfortable. I almost want to stop wearing regular pants and short altogether and just wear bibshorts/bibpants exclusively. Not having a band around your stomach feels quite liberating. If anyone is getting into cycling, I’d suggest they pony up for a bibshort instead of regular shorts although it can be cost prohibitive if you can’t score a deal like I did.

I am ridiculously good looking in these, trust me.