Monthly Archives: November 2012

Went for a quick ride today…

…And I felt like shit (sorta). Went to MEC and bough their Calefaction Arm Warmers. They work pretty damn well, being lined with a fleecy material on the inside helps keep the warmth in at speed and while stationary. On the flip side, I also picked up some leg warmers from Castelli. Those damn POS work just as well as my spandex…which means they don’t work that well as leg warmers. Gonna have to return those. Here are my stats (I’m out of shape, sigh):

Sweet Jesus….

Simple Beef Brisket Stew.

Some beef, some onions, some carrot.  Simple and yummy.

In the process....



And then some good ass dessert (coconut milk, tapioca, and soupy balls).

Awwww yeah!!