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A Weekend of Feasts

Aight. So it was Easter Weekend and we had some nice weather in Vancouver.  Finally, I get a few days off work that coincide well with my friends so what else is there to do Vancouver besides eat?  Pretty much nothing else.

No pictures of this but dim sum at Fraser Court was pretty good.  Decent service, decent food, no complaints.  Best part about this joint is that it’s BIG…and the wait is never really too long.  I wouldn’t say that parking is “ample”…but it’s good enough unless you don’t like to walk…(you fat ass).  The only problem is that they lack the coveted “deep friend XO radish cake”.  They just have the regular pan fried stuff which is okay but could seriously be overhauled by deep frying it and adding in some sweet-jesus lord have mercy XO sauzzzze.

Sweet Jesus....uuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

We also happened to visit Ganache Patisserie in Yaletown.  I’ve heard of this place many-a-times and apparently it only gets glowing reviews.  I’m not a huge dessert person but I don’t mind the occasional sweet treat, assuming it’s well balanced and not overly sweet.  Well, this place is a fucking disaster. I don’t care how many awards they have won, how many bitches love this place, or the fact that they employ a cute pastry chef (cook? i dunnoz, lulz)…this place down right fucking sucks.  It sucks so much I don’t even remember what the fuck we ordered.

There were three cakes, some sort of chocolate praline, another chocolate shit cake/mousse, and a crusty, dried jizz colour crepe cake.  The praline was the best cake of the three displaying multiple layers of textures and “okay” balance but it was so sweet, I think the sugar burned a hole through my molars. The chocolate shit cake was just really sweet and tasted like..shitty cake/mouse, LOL.  The crepe cake looked and sounded a lot better than what it actually tasted like, which was something akin to foamy, dry yet moist yellow dish washing sponges? Odd description, I know but that will have to do.

All in all, I’d tell everyone I know to stay the fuck away from this place. God it’s fucking terrible unless you’re bawlin’ outta control and need to show some stuck up bitches a good time, this place is for idiots.  Oh yeah, we had some macarons.  It was the first time I’ve ever had them and holy fuck they were sweet (although they’re supposed to be…I think?). Anyways, fuck that shit.

We also went to the Keg in Steveston/Ironwood since Honourary Black Guy (who’s culturally confused because he’s Vietnamese but thinks that he is  Chinese but acts like a Black guy) was craving some “thick meat”.  Yeah, he told me that in those words…pretty homo.  Him and I shared the Prime Rib with garlic mashed potatoes, Bearnaise sauce, fried scallops and shrimp, with boiled asparagus.  This was pretty damn delicious, at $35 shared between to people for the set menu (inc. salad, dessert) it was a decent price to pay.  I have no complaints about the food.  We also had some appies (onion rings and calamari) but they’re not the stars of the show.  That being said, they’re pretty solid appies and I’m a fan of how they do their onion rings. rib, rare cut @ The Keg

I do have to say though, the dessert that came with the meal was pretty good.  From what I recall, the server called it some sorta mickey-mouse-billy-something-something cake. All I know is that it’s the standard ice cream cake they serve.  Our entire table shared it as it was a decent sized portion and we all agreed it was much better than the nicely modeled pig-feed we ate at Ganache Patisserie.

On a separate occasion we visited the well documented Taco Luis in Landsdowne Mall in Richmond.  We ordered Super Special 4, Super Special 2 (I think?), and 3 Crispy tacos.  Basically, we ordered the Chicken Burrito, Chicken crispy burritos, and 3 beef tacos.  I thought it was good as always, well done food for a good price that hits the spot well.  Honourary Black Guy said he only like the mexi-fries and wouldn’t return.  I’d disregard his opinion, lol.  However, in retrospect, this meal @ Taco Luis cost approximately the same as that of the 3 cakes from Ganache Patisserie.  When I asked HBG and Hungry Hippo about which was was actually worth the money…they unanimously concluded Taco Luis by miles.  Oh yeah, if you decide to eat here you HAVE to get the Hot sauce.  Don’t be a pussy and get the mild one since the hot one isn’t hot anyways but it will amplify your experience in ways your mouth cannot thank you enough for. Anyways, I’ll leave you with some pictures.

Beef tacos in the front, Chicken burritos in the back. Lovely Crispy mexi-fries everywhere!
Yum yum crispy chicken burritos.

That’s all for this post, folks.

I’m probably gonna try Thomas Haas sometime to see if I can endure their treats. I hope it’s not a giant fucking disappointment like Ganache Patisserie.