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Wow…it has been a while!

Damn.  It’s been a long time since I last posted but there is good reason for that.  The reason would be lots of other activities which would draw me away from being indoors and spending it outside or at least in a social setting.

I got invited to a “youth”…or perhaps “youthful” church event (although I don’t consider myself either, haha) and it was certainly an interesting experience.  Full on electronic music reverberating through the church hall mixed in with a good dose of smoke machine goodness and projections of psychedelic visions on multiple projectors and light machines – totally caught me off guard.  But the surprise quickly wore off as I had to endure an hour and a half of modern Christian music.  To be honest, after a while it seemed to induce a trance-like state from myself and the audience, although they were much more into it than I and so much so that one of them broke out crying.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to convert…my trance-like state was closer to an onset of alpha waves more than anything else!

Anyways, it was interesting.  Jump to this past Sunday I spent some time riding around time all by myself because no one I know that rides is available :(.  Here’s me eating my forever alone meal @ Wendy’s:

Wendy's Forever Alone Meal (JBC, small fries, and water).


Later that day, I also had dinner with some friends at their house with fresh salmon sashimi, tuna tatare..etc  It was pretty delicious and cheap ($20 per person) considering the amount of fresh fish we had.  Unfortunately, no pictures of it except for the shitty apple pie we bought at Costco.  It was cheap, like $9.99 before taxes but the apple slices were MUCH too tart and the shell was soft and soggy on the bottom and okay on the top.  It was more of a puff-pastry type of crust rather than flaky? Shit, I don’t know the culinary terms to describe it; regardless don’t ever buy it no matter how tempting it looks…because it looks damn fucking good.

Costco (Shitty) Apple Pie

I have no idea what that finger-pen thing is doing in the picture.  Imagine what you will of its potential uses, you sick fucking pricks.

My mom was doing some garage cleaning so I had to move my bike out…which meant I also had to move the GS400 out as well, haha.  I haven’t touched that thing in ages.  It is such a great bike and deserves so much more. The more I look at it, the less I want to sell it and just keep it for myself and some where down the road really make it into a cafe racer or something.  Gosh, she looks great even with out the seats and assorted fairings.  Dare I say, she looks almost better than the F4i.

My Babies. 2003 CBR600 F4i and 1983 Suzuki GS400

Too bad bitches don’t dig boys in old things…unless I looked like Ryan Goseling then I can never do any wrong!

That’s all the filler  I have for the last 20 days of no updates.  Gonna leave some tunes up by Mayer Hawthorne as I’ve been listening to his album lately.  Not bad at all.



Look what the cat dragged in….

Bell RS-1

The inside of the Bell Star/RS-1 series is intense. It is seriously like velvet/suede. It is unbelievably plush. I would compare the feeling of putting your cheek to a young woman’s firm bosom to that of the liner for the Bell Star/RS-1. In contrast, the high-end Arai/Shoei liners feel like the disheveled and crusty anal pubic hairs of a time-hardened hobo.  Now I just have to wait for the Sun to come out of the closet.

Speaking of cats and hair…look at this lazy mother fucker.

Lazy. Mother. Fucker.

Carnigie Library, Good eats??

This is probably the biggest WTF moment in my life.  Okay, not really but it’s rather surprising.  Fuck all those bloggers that say “ZOMGZ THIS PLACE IS A HOLE IN THE WALL AND SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!” Fuck them to hell. They don’t know shit. “Hi-Genki” isn’t a hole in the wall…that place is just a Japanese kitchen pumping out mediocre food I’d never pay retail for. Fuck people saying “The Red Wagon” is a hole in the wall (I’ve heard it before)…it’s just a played out hipster joint…just like all the other hipster joints. Just because it’s on East Hastings doesn’t make it a hole in the wall. The only people that use that term to describe an establishment are the retarded kind, for the most part.

Now, with that being said, I have found what is quite possibly one of THE biggest whole in the wall restaurants in Vancouver. This is along the lines “The Only Seafood Cafe” except you won’t know about it unless someone told you or you frequent the DTES. I’m talking about the Carnegie Library on the Southwest corner of Main and Hastings.
This place is teeming with life...probably not the kind you'd want to associate with, though.

Credit for picture

So I wouldn’t have known about this fantastic cafeteria if it wasn’t for the wisdom and frugality of one of my co-workers who basically pointed a gun to my head and said “Hey, eat at the Carnegie cafeteria, you fucker.” I told him to call the cops if I didn’t come back in 30 mins. He gave me a quick run down of what to expect:

  1. Set Menu for $2.25 and you get a side of greens. You can double the meat/portion  double the price ($4.50).
  2. You head up stairs to the cafeteria. You will see a chalkboard w/ the offer for breakfast/lunch/dinner.
  3. It’s clean, delicious, and nutritious.

Well, I took his charming advice and set foot for the first time into this iconic landmark of Vancouver. It is actually quite clean inside despite the hustle and bustle on the corner outside; don’t get me wrong though…there is a bit of a musky scent mixed in with some lingering smells of the mostly vagrant patrons.  All said and done, this place is pretty legit and not what I pictured it to be. Upon entering, there is a flight of stairs to the right which you must escalate to reach the cafeteria. There is a sign that warns that the steps are uneven…and boy were they uneven. They’re all wavy and’s totally fucked up and pretty much weeds out anyone who is on drugs or drunk from eating up stairs, LOL.

Dining times @ the Carnegie Library

Beside this sign is a large chalkboard that states your options for the day. When I visited around 3:30pm they were serving samosa pie with greens with a choice of ranch or vinaigrette. There was a choice to add a selection of soups for $0.85 which my co-worker recommended but I didn’t bother trying. After ringing up my order at the cashier I asked her why it was so cheap despite knowing the answer already, she told me that the government heavily subsidizes the  food due to the demographic. Funny enough, I hadn’t felt guilty about dining there until she explicitly told me the reason for the cheap food.  Nonetheless, I grabbed my tray and looked for a spot amongst a moderately filled dining space that was clean despite having an atmosphere and decor of a 90’s hospital cafeteria.


The portion you get is amazing. Using my well endowed private parts as a reference, I would say the plate is an 8incher (about the same as my cock) and the samosa pie took up 75.832% of the plate with the green claiming the rest of the territory. The height of the pie was at least 1.5-2 inches and in a square shape with an area of maybe 4″x4″. I know somewhere some math genius is probably thinking “that doesn’t add up to 75.832%!”. Yeah, okay. Sure, whatever.

The samosa pie was moderately spiced to appeal to most taste buds and was very well made. I think if I had gone to some hipster join to eat this dish, I would have ended up paying at least $10 and walked out disappointed.  For the record, I wouldn’t actually order this dish anywhere, LOL. The potatoes, cauliflower, and various other vegetables held up their texture well in the pie and the pastry crust on top was nice and crispy. The salad was not SUPER fresh but it is similar to buying prepackaged salads and leaving them exposed in the refrigerator for a few days – they weren’t limp nor were they super crisp.

I returned to work to spread the news of all this glory that has secretly dawned itself on the corner of E. Hastings and Main. I wanted to actually pay more than the $2.25 for the meal I had and perhaps I will ask where the donation box is to throw in a few more bucks. I would suggest anyone who’s in the area and isn’t afraid of stereotypes to walk into the Carnegie and enjoy a meal there. If you’re suspicious of the demographics then I would advise that you visit during the off-hours, aka close to the end of each meal shift. I would have loved to try the tandoori chicken they were serving for breakfast that my co-worker was raving about.

This meme pretty much sums up my experience.

I’m definitely returning to the Carnegie to eat lunch/dinner again and again and again. This place is pretty awesome. It’s also run by volunteers so if you’ve got some time to give, this would be a good place to do it.

Until next time,

Dougford Chow